Sunday, March 15, 2009

Old anime is der besht

Much better than whatever the kids are watching these days I'm sure.


Vatz said...

You stupid...
GunDam Wing is the Best!
Zeta Gundam's here is too ugly and it's no girl's taste.

when I was an adolescent girl, GunDam Wing moved me deeply.It satisfy girl's strong and scary desire for nice and pretty guys. Especiaally Duo Maxwell was my emotional prop.Duo~ Duo~Duo~'s killing smile killed me X)heehee

Anyway I'm dying from my critical you wanna write my paper, don't hegitate to call me. now, now, now is the chance!!! call!!!

Vatz said...

spell errors.
here=X hero=O
hegitate=X hesitate=O

NOW, YOU KNOW HOW much difficult to write paper for me~.

ethan said...


Erik Benson said...

Nothing beats Rubik The Amazing Cube