Monday, August 25, 2008

I came back from Thailand yesterday and I'm rear'n to go. Here's hoping this year is the best damn year yet! I'm excited to see all my friends again! When my grandmother was saying goodbye to me, she slipped some money into my palm. It was incredibly subtle. So much so that my own mother who was inches away didn't pick it up. My grandmother is kind of an enigma to me because I don't speak Thai and she doesn't really speak English and also has really bad hearing. Hijinks ensue.

I watched so many movies in Thailand thanks to like, three whole movie channels. I got to view such classics as

Starship troopers 2
the fog
Tears of the Sun
Shanghai Noon
Four Brothers (
the prestige (
Lucky # Slevin
Final Destination 3

and many many more! Amazing!

Something that's really difficult for me is trying to come up with a coherent visual language for films. I really would like to paint my layouts for this year but doing so would commit me to coloring the whole thing, which I don't want to do at all.


Vatz said...

Tai was wrong. That was 'Thai'
hm...Forgiveness for my mistake.
Thai…Wanna eat mangosteen~!

Team Diana said...

Matty! I love that painting!

When school starts back up, I'll be expecting you to join me for dinner at least once a week in my... NEW APARTMENT! :)

Bralyollyoxenfree said...

fucking hell yeah. I'll bring
hors d'oeuvres!

Erik Benson said...

Predator rocks my socks!