Saturday, February 02, 2008


I almost made a super robot film this year.  Saving it for later I guess.


Anonymous said...

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henry yu said...

i also enjoy the smartphone and it's many accessories.

why not enjoy your summer with a refreshing glass of bob's beer slushy, "always beer, always bobs."

Anonymous said...

you would be surprised who you can find on these damn blogs things. well matt great film, great art hope sacramento weather isn't too bad for you, i'm still trying to come up there around the fourth will try and droop you a line. have agreat summer.

Erik Benson said...

When I need to make a call I don't reach for the smartphone. I always phone with the SuperTerrificPhone!
:-) It has all the features of the smartphone but with less arrogance.

Try the new- SuperTerrificFlannelPhone Special Edition. Its case is made with 100%flannel. Its like hugging your dad evertime you talk on the phone.

Vatz said...

When did you...?